3D Artist/Animator

Athens, Greece

About Us

Founded in 2013, Kinems vision is to make special education engaging by proposing innovative games designed based on well proven educational practices using motion sensing input devices.

At Kinems we know that every child is unique, each with a different set of skills and academic needs.

This is why we offer games that can be easily adapted by the teacher, health care professional and parent to the individual needs of each child.

Kinems focuses on two attributes a fanatical focus on learning effectiveness and pace of innovation.


As an artist at Kinems, you will collaborate with our development team to provide 3D assets and animations to be used in our games. You must be able to build models, based on concept art and other people's ideas, but also contribute to the creative process with your own concepts.


At minimum, you will have a few years of professional experience with the following:

Bonus Points


How to Apply

Contact us at info@kinems.com, please include the following: